Again, in June

The last blog entry I wrote was in September of 2018. And now it’s June of 2020! My WordPress renewal comes up at the end of the summer, so I’m giving blogging another go between now and then. I want to figure out if this is something I want to do or not. If you’re reading this, welcome to my blog!

In the spirit of just leaping in, I’m going to share the projects I’ve been working on this week. This first project has nothing to do with knitting or spinning. I’m taking an online sketchbook class at the Cleveland Institute of Art. This week we superimposed a blind contour drawing over a grid that we drew. I had fun drawing this, losing myself in the lovely intricacies of the peony as I moved my eyes over every little petal.

I spent the past ten days knitting a hat for Dad for Father’s Day. After sending my mom a knitted scarf that I call The Neon Marathon (more on that another day), I wanted to knit something for my dad too. It took a year to knit Mom’s scarf…and ten days to knit Dad’s hat. It is my third Antler Toque, knit in Malabrigo Rios. It is drying now, and I don’t think it will be fully dry until Tuesday. I hope I get it in the mail in time!

I don’t think I actually enjoyed the knitting of this hat, though I like the finished hat very much. I wore it around the house this morning after weaving in the ends. I used my Addi circulars, and I think wooden needles would have been better with this slippery yarn.

I kept getting distracted as I knit, so I reversed cable direction without realizing it early on. Rather than tinking back, I decided to just add in some random cable direction changes through the remaining rows of the hat. Does it work as a design element? I haven’t spent enough time with the hat to know for sure, but I think it’s okay.

Finally, I sewed a tote bag this week. I’m continuing to practice my sewing skills, enjoying every minute I spend at my sewing machine. For this denim bag, I used a denim needle for the first time, and wow, what a difference! That needle sewed through layers of denim and webbing like they were butter.

I’m learning that so much of sewing is cutting and pressing and pinning. I probably spent more time doing those things than I did sewing seams! For this tote bag, I sewed French seams for the first time, which means the inside of this bag is neat and tidy and won’t unravel.

This project comes from Sew-It Academy, an online series of sewing classes that have helped me to relearn some basic skills.

So that’s it for today. A year ago, when I told a friend about my dormant blog, she said it takes at least three attempts to restart a blog that has gone dormant. This is attempt number two. Maybe I’ll find my way this time.

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