I’m a knitter and spinner. I’m chronicling my adventures with fiber here.


  1. Maybe I can give something back to the online fiber community that has taught me and inspired me–and honestly just blown me away with its wisdom, humor, knowledge, boldness, and all-out-awesomeness. Maybe I have something to add to the conversation.
  2. I think a lot about knitting, about yarn, about fiber. I’d like to get some of those thoughts down on the page. I’m writing for myself, too.
  3. I am a teacher of writing. I feel the need to put myself out there, to take the risks on the page that I ask my students to take. I’m interested in finding my voice just as I encourage my students to find theirs.

My Ravelry user name is thebeth.

By the way, the image of the spinning wheels is from the Skogar Folk Museum in the south of Iceland.